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“CLIFF NOTES: Customer Stealing System Core Training Webinar”


Watch The Webinar Training Replay Below. The Video Will Be Removed Within 72 Hours!

Key Points In This Webinar

[00:01:05] Melvin reveals his bold promise to all of you
[00:02:04] What you will discover in this webinar
[00:02:35] Melvin’s goal for this webinar
[00:03:00] Who is this webinar for
[00:04:35] Who is Melvin Ng
[00:06:59] Melvin bought his first course online
[00:09:21] Melvin quit his job
[00:10:38] Melvin discovered the holy grail
[00:14:37] Shit happened
[00:16:04] Starting a business with nothing
[00:19:07] Turning Point for Melvin
SECRET #1: How You Can Legally And Ethically Steal Customers From Your Competitors Almost Instantly, Without Cold Calling Ever
SECRET #2: The KISS METHOD (The Keep It Simple & Stupid Method) – The Secret Formula Of Fulfilling Demand Is Easier Than Creating It
SECRET #3: Which is How To Hire Your Own ULTIMATE SALESPERSON To Work For You, 365 Days A Year, Without You Having To Pay Any Salary!
BONUS SECRET #4: How You Can Make Money Using The Customer Stealing System Even When You Don’t Have A Product, Business Or Money!

The Offer Explained

Customer Stealing Masterclass: The exact same system that Melvin uses to help his clients steal customers from their competitors
[00:41:12] Exactly what you’ll get with Customer Stealing Masterclass
[00:46:05] BONUS #1: Step-By-Step Action Plan
[00:47:18] BONUS #2: Ad Creation Template – Fill In The Blanks Only
[00:48:46] BONUS #3: Million Dollar Ad Copy Swipe Files – Proven Ad Copies That Works
[00:50:43] FINAL BONUS #4: 12 Months Exclusive Access Private FB Group Mentoring
[00:51:19] Total recap of value
[00:53:50] 3 Choices
[00:55:48] What’s The 10X – 365 Days Guarantee
[00:56:57] Money Is Just A Resource
[00:58:24] LIMITED TIME BONUS: 30-Minute Personal Consultation
[00:59:20] How To Get Started

Q & A Session

[01:01:36] Q&A: Is there any installment plan?
[01:02:12] Q&A: Is this teaching about Google Adwords?
[01:02:55] Q&A: Where am I from?
[01:03:02] Q&A: Do I get access to all the modules at once?
[01:04:23] Q&A: Can I buy and send my staff to learn it?
[01:05:34] Q&A: Is Google Ads better or Facebook Ads better?
[01:07:03] Q&A: Can I just use SEO instead of Google Ads?





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